Lent Sermon Series

Click here to Listen after March 6

Click here to Listen after March 6

As a culture we have drifted beyond individual or relative morality and into group morality. We have entered a time when our moral compass point to whichever group makes us feel the most comfortable. The great divides in our land are a primary example of this tenant in our culture. We need a new, or perhaps old, vantage point and gain a new azimuth. We need a direction for moral truths that stands the “test of time” and breaks down isolation in group think.

This moral compass is and always has been God’s designed order for His creation. This moral compass is not pointing in a direction that we may be right before God. Rather, it is pointed in the path of what He has designed his creation to be…good.

In our Lenten series we will focus on navigating moral think during our Sunday Sermons. On Wednesdays we will tackle the Ten Commandments.

Your Pastors pray that this series is beneficial and edifying to your growth and maturity as a Christian as well as to your soul.

Richard SchultzOSLCLent 2019