New Podcasts

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OSLC is offering 4 podcast opportunities to connect and engage in faith building content.

Pastoral Pipings is a podcast with Pastors Dave and Ros. Listen in as they probe deep and not so deep theological truths.

The Cobbler is a podcast about Christian Vocation. Brought to you by Avra Schmitting and Matt Norem, this podcast features Pastor Ros talking with folks about how they live out their Christian Faith in the world.

Listen in on Spreaker or Spotify (search for the podcast name). Also available to watch via the OSLC website and App.

Sermons is a recording of the Sunday Sermon.

Available to watch or listen via the OSLC website and App.

Live at Lunch is a live podcast on Monday at noon (coming on September 9th). This podcast is an opportunity to dig deeper into the previous day’s sermon or Lectionary Readings.

You can text your questions for Ros to answer at 920-215-8175 or comment live during the stream.

Live on YouTube on Monday at noon. Also available after the life stream on YouTube and the OSLC App and Website.

Until we get 100 subscribers our YouTube URL is complicated, so until then click the button above or search for OSLC-GB on YouTube and be sure to Subscribe and click the bell to get notified of live content.

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