Boettcher Benefit


On Saturday October 19th from 2-6 OSLC and Trinity Lutheran School will host a benefit for the Boettcher family. The cost of a dinner ticket is $20 per plate with proceeds from the ticket going to the Boettcher family.

The main goal for the event is to bring an awareness of ongoing care and support for this family. An additional and important goal is to raise funds for them.

We will be accomplishing this through a unique way.

We are asking that you commit/pledge to give toward the family in one of two ways:

1.) We have assessed with a family of 6, 5 of which are growing children, their monthly grocery budget could be in excess of $200 a week. Additional odds and ends each week can add another $50. Therefore, we are looking to raise $1000.00 a month is support for 2020-2025 as an initial goal. You can help to that end by committing/pledging to take one week in a month ($250), or several weeks in a month, or one week in several different months over the 6 year period.

2.) You can make a general donation or a commitment of your choosing.


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