About Our Church




By the Grace of God, Our Saviour Lutheran develops family relationships and connections within our church and community.  We intentionally proclaim the Gospel to catch people, teach the faith to help people live well in this Gospel, and release people to use their gifts to proclaim the Gospel.

Caught by the Gospel, Taught in the Gospel, Released for the Gospel

Our Saviour Lutheran Church in Green Bay, WI is a growing family of God.  Together we receive God’s gifts of grace through Word and Sacrament.  We have been caught by the Gospel and have been released from every burden to proclaim the Gospel.

As a family: (Ethos)

We live out our life together (caring for each other and caring for others not in our immediate family). 

We are attentive of each other’s journey and life (caring about each other’s joys and sorrows). 

We seek to serve. 

We seek to mentor and invest in the lives of the next generation.

By the grace of God we forgive as we are forgiven.  Our focus is on growing the Spiritual and physical health of people.  Through lives of service in this Family, we pray that God would be glorified and that His Light of the Gospel will be seen in our community through us.

–Put in motion on May 14, 2018 by the Church Council