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Confirmation Update

12/2/20 | Announcement

Confirmation Update

    Greetings all:

    1.)  I'm making a last minute adjustment which I hope is helpfull:

             a.)  Group 1 is set to meet tonight no matter what at OSLC at 6:00 PM.

             b.)  I offer that if you are able, all students are welcome to attend at OSLC tonight.  We will meet in the Sanctuary where we will spread out.

             c.)  For those not able to attend in person from any group, the zoom link is found here:

    2.)  Understanding this is last minute and meant to be helpful, it may be that some cannot attend.  Therefore, I will do the same thing on December 16 for anyone not able to attend tonight either virtually or in person.

             a.)  If you are unable to attend tonight through virtual or in person, then you can come in person on December 16 or

             b.)  Attend virtually on December 16.