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Questions and Suggestions Open Letter to Congregation

4/21/21 | Announcement

    Questions were received from the congregation following the April 5, 2021 Voters Meeting. The answer is below and a pdf of the response can be seen here.

    Questions and Suggestions

    The best way to resolve a question is to ask the question. Suggestions that can lead to improvements are always welcomed. So if you have questions or suggestions for improvement please share them with the church office so they can be answered by Church Council. An anonymous question came in last week asking “if all matters shall be decided by a majority vote of the voters assembly, why then are the terms of the officers being extended without a vote”. The Church Council had two related issues to resolve. First we did not have a President-elect nominee to bring to the congregation. Second, if we installed new officers two months after the vote as normal practice they would have only had seven months to transition into their positions.  With our meetings being held virtually and everything else going on this would not have been much transaction time. So the best option that Council had was to extend the terms of the current President-elect which is vacant, President, and President-Emeritus until June 30th. Then on July 1st these positions will be filled with individuals who will hold those offices until Dec. 30, 2022.

    When the agenda was published for the April 5 meeting it stated that questions should be submitted to the church office and they would be discussed at the meeting. No questions were submitted. OSLC’s Constitution states “a regular meeting of the voting membership shall be held each calendar year, during the fourth quarter of the calendar year." We would have enjoyed having a voter’s meeting in November, but we decided that due to the pandemic it was not wise. So having new officers as of January 1st would have been ideal, but this was not an ideal year, and therefore decisions had to be made that we thought was in the best interest of OSLC.

    We want decisions to be made by the congregation, but during a pandemic, timely adjustments were required.  Council welcomes your input, but please include your name so we can ask questions for clarification in order to address the question completely. It is very clear in 6.1 of the constitution that the congregation “shall have supreme power in the administration of its affairs. The establishment and conduct of all organizations and societies within the congregation or related directly to it shall be subject to the approval and supervision of the voters assembly.” Therefore, if there is enough concern over extending of the terms for the three positions, we will bring it to the voters.

    Thank you, OSLC Council