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Re-Opening Letter

A Note From Pastor Dave - May 22, 2020

Some are asking, “When will OSLC open for in-person worship?”

We have been prayerfully planning for our reopening for some time. We are still considering how and when. Pray for us as we create this plan. 

Wisconsin has been spared much of the harm of this virus. We would like to keep it that way. Here are some simple things to consider:

  1. Illinois, our neighbor to the south has had 4,715 deaths to date. Wisconsin has had about 10% of that number, with 496 deaths. Whew!

  2. As of May 22, while enormous Milwaukee County has 5,735 cases, our little Brown County has about 50% of that number, coming in at 2,204 cases. 

  3. As we understand it, our east side of town is the “epicenter” of cases in our city.

  4. The good news is, cases are declining in recent days! Yea!

What does this mean? It means, “One size does not fit all”. Where there is a low risk for some churches to open, in some areas the risk is higher. The risk is higher where OSLC is located. And so, watch in the coming week for more news on our re-opening. We are considering more services during the week, with less folks in these services. You will hear more as we go along.

In the meantime, keep close through on-line worship and phone calls to each other and prayer. Feel free to give your pastors a call any time. Should you sense a deep need for spiritual encouragement, feel free to call Pastor Dave for, “Communion at Your Door”.

Thank-you for your prayers on this!
Pastor Dave

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Posted by David Hatch