OSLC-GB's Logo and Vision

OSLC recently adopted a new logo for identity and outreach.  This logo, we think, shows what we are all about and how we do the work which the Holy Spirit is leading us to do.  This page simply talks about the design of the logo and gives recognition to its designer.


About the Creator of the Logo

Spread Creative LLC is a small, locally-based creative consultancy providing communications solutions to Christ-honoring enterprises. Founded and solely operated by veteran designer Joe Bergner, Spread’s passion is to help advance organizations of all kinds that function from a core set of principles and Biblical values. These include faith-based institutions, but also businesses run by believers that operate in the secular marketplace. Here, on the front lines of the mission field, people can be impacted for Christ in the moments of everyday life. Spread’s hope is that by helping you spread the word about your organization, together we’ll be planting seeds that Spread the Word along the way. 

For Joe's explanation of the journey with our logo creation you can click on the image of his logo, or click here for the page about our logo.



The three prominent pieces to our logo are the Cross which is carried down through the "O" with a hook, the phrase "Catch and Release," and the initials of our name.  The Cross is what we are about.  We boldly preach and proclaim Jesus Christ and Him crucified on the cross for our salvation. 

  • The hook of the cross is a way of showing how we have been hooked by the Gospel, caught if you will.  The Gospel reels us into the Love God has for us and it, alone, has saved us.
  • Catch and Release, then, is a phrase that describes the action of the Gospel and the action of Our Saviour.  We seek to, by God's Grace, catch people with the Gospel. The Gospel releases us from our burdens and sins which weigh us down and hold us back.  In addition, we seek to break down every hindrance that would prevent individual members of Our Saviour from the ability to be a part of the action of proclaiming the Gospel. Therefore, we are also about releasing people (not from membership in the Body of Christ) into the world so that they may proclaim the Gospel.  This is done through teaching and growing in the faith which we have called the "LiveWell" of the Church.  As people are further equipped in the "LiveWell" they are further prepared and enabled to be released to proclaim the Gospel and, in so doing, others would be caught by this Gospel proclamation.
  • Our initials are a shortened way to speak about us.  Our Saviour Lutheran Church is our full name but sometimes it’s just easier to say "OSLC", plus our website is www.oslc-gb.org.  


The shortened logo seeks to break down everything we are about and who we are into a single image.  We think Joe's work has done this nicely.  



The seal is a way of capturing everything about us, our name, our purpose, and our location.