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If you are interested in getting more information about our Pre School program, please fill out the following form and we will be in touch with you.  You can also give us a call at (920) 468-3596.  We look forward to the opportunity to serve you and your children.  


Pre-Registration Contact form

This form is for information purposes and does not automatically reserve a spot for your child.  A $75 non-refundable registration fee is required to fully guarantee your child's spot.
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Our location

120 South Henry St. 
Green Bay, WI 54302


Enrollment Information



Tuition and fees have been developed with your schedule in mind.  We have created a variety of options for you to choose from.  You can also click here for the full registration form.


4K (M/W/F) 8:30-11:30 [$1,140]

4K (M-F AM Only 8:30-11:30 [$1,822.00]

4K (M,W,F Full Day) 8:30-3:00 {$2,160.00]

4K (M-F Full Day) 8:30-3:00 [$3,150]



3K (T/TH) 8:30-11:00 {$770.00]

3K (T/TH) 8:30-3:00 [$1,485.00]

3K (M-F) 8:30-3:00 [$3,150.00]

Early Care

3K and 4K 7:30-8:30 [$4.00/Day]