With one being I would never come to a presentation again and five being Pastor Ros must no do anything but study, how would you rate the presentation the night before the trip?
How would you rate the overall value of the $51 per person with one being I could have done so much more with that amount of money and five being how did we get so much for just $51?
With one being I would rather not eat someone elses cooking and five being we have some amazing chefs, how would you rate the pot luck?
With one being very difficult and five being extremely convenient, how would you rate the registration process?
With one being not at all satisfied and five being always felt informed, how would you rate our communication with you about the event?
How comfortable was the bus trip? With one being the distance was far enough we should have taken a break and five being I fell asleep. How comfortable was your travel?
With one being too much walking and five being you could have walked more, how would you rate the amount of walking?
With one being I learned nothing and five being I want to teach this stuff, how much did you learn.
With one being the cost of the food was over priced for what we ate and five being I would pay that much for my meal, how would you rate the food cost?
Would you like to go on another trip like this one with OSLC?
Would you consider a longer trip and if so, how many days?