Please Answer the Survey
Please Answer the Survey
Confirmation helped prepare my student for a life of faith.
I felt included in the process of catechism and helped teach my student at home.
We had regular conversations about what was learned in confirmation classes.
Communication was adequate-I felt well-informed.
I always knew when classes were scheduled.
I felt there were enough class days
I would like there to be more requirements for community service.
My student participated in worship frequently.
There should be a minimum requirement of worship attendance in order to be confirmed.
My student served in one of the provided Sunday morning service opportunities (Sunday School, A/V, Altar Guild, Ushering)
More organization needs to be built around Sunday morning service opportunities.
Non-required days were helpful and my student enjoyed them.
I participated in the Confirmation/Student Ministry Banquet.
I did not attend the banquet due to cost.
I attended and would attend again.
I would appreciate more Summer programs and events for my student to participate.